Schooling Horse Riding Gogue - Brown

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Key feature
Teaches the horse how to work correctly Maintains the position of the horse's head, causing the neck and back muscles to descend. To be used occasionally and very gradually.


Products benefits

Tactile efficiency
Fixes the horse's head in place, causing the neck and back muscles to come down.
Suitable for lunge and flat work.
Fits most head pieces.
Ease of use
Attaches to the girth and headpiece.


Full grain buffalo leather, rope: polyamide, buckles: nickel-plated brass.
Designed to
helping the experienced rider to re-educate a horse with an injured or hollow back on the lunge or on the flat.
2 years


Care instructions
Frequently moisturise with leather lotion or glycerine soap. Nourish with leather lotion or dubbin once a month depending on the weather and how often you use the reins.
Storage Tips
Store hanging in a cool and dry place.
Only for use by experienced riders.

Additional information

How to use
Only for use by experienced riders. It is highly recommended that you seek the support of a professional for your first few sessions.
The gogue should be adjusted according to the morphology and training level of the horse. It should be used very gradually and occasionally, as the horse will find itself in a fixed position that can quickly become painful. It requires good knowledge to understand the position, balance, drive and motion of the horse, whether mounted or lunged.
Fixed gogue: Composed of a leather strap that attaches under the belly of the horse. This strap ends in a ring at the chest, from which depart two further straps. These straps run through the rings on either side of a headpiece attached to the bridle, then passing through the bit rings and returning to fix onto the ring on the horse's chest.
Care advice
Frequently moisturise with leather lotion or glycerine soap. Nourish using leather balm or grease around once per month depending on the frequency of use and weather conditions.
Full-grain buffalo leather. Rustproof buckles. Nickel-plated brass snap hooks.

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