Pelham Horse Riding Jointed Rubber Bit - Horse or Pony

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Key feature
For horses that are hard to stop and have a sensitive mouth: Very soft pressure thanks to the rubber.

Products benefits

Fairly soft action on the corners of the lips, the bars, and tongue.
Tactile efficiency
The shanks and curb chain provide a lever effect which lowers the horse's head.
User comfort
The use of rubber reduces pressure on the corners and does not keep the cold.


Stainless steel and natural rubber.
Designed to
controlling the pace and direction of your horse. The Pelham bit has a flexible action. It is a lowering bit.
2 years


Care instructions
Rinse bits in fresh water after each use. To clean it thoroughly, dismantle the bit. Soak it in hot water and then clean with a sponge. Wipe parts dry before reassembling bit.
Storage Tips
Store in a dry place.

Additional information

Technical description
Pelham stainless steel bit with rubber mouthpiece (21 mm diameter). Equipped with a curb chain.
2 different actions: "Elevator" effect for the rein on the bit ring. "Leverage" effect for the rein on the arm ring, which, thanks to the curb chain, produces leverage effect. Arm ring exerts pressure on the back of the mouth.

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