Multi-Vitamin Dietary Supplement for Horses - 900 g

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Key feature
Perfect for season changes. Suitable for both turned out and stabled horses. One tub contains one month's worth of treatment for a horse.
£7.77 / Kg

Products benefits

Tactile efficiency
To maintain a good general tone.
Energy values
Provides the horse with vitamins and minerals for a healthy body.
Pellets to be added to the horse's daily ration.
Ease of use
Mixes readily with the daily ration.Measuring scoop included.


900 g
Additives: Iron (sulphate): 5,000 mg, Zinc (oxide): 6,000 mg, Copper (sulphate): 2,000 mg, Manganese (sulphate): 2,400 mg, Vitamin A: 800,000 UI, Vitamin D3: 80,000 UI, Vitamin E: 3,000 mg, Vitamin C: 2,000 mg, Vitamin B1: 1,000 mg. Analytical constituents: Calcium: 12%, phosphorus: 6%, magnesium: 2%, sodium: 2%
Designed to
Improving the horse's muscle tone and helping prevent decreases in its physical condition. Supplementing the horse's daily ration.


Care instructions
Best before: / Batch n°: see details on packaging. Use quickly after opening.
Storage Tips
Close properly after use. Store in a dry, cool place.

Additional information

900 g
To be added to the horse's daily ration. For a horse weighing over 500 kg (roughly over 1.60 m tall): 1.5 doses (1 tub = 1 month) For a horse weighing less than 500 kg (roughly under 1.60 m tall): 1 dose (1 tub = 1.5 months)
Use instructions
Best before: / Batch n°: see indication on tub.