• Fougamash Horse Riding Mash - 1.5kg

Fougamash Horse Riding Mash - 1.5kg

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Key feature
Replaces your horse's ration 1 to 2 times per week maximum. Palatable: enriched with carrot.
£2.33 / Kg

Products benefits

Relieves the digestive system of tired or convalescent horses.
The carrot flakes makes the product more appetising.
Ease of use
Ready to use mix served once mixed with a little lukewarm water.
Easy digestion
Flattening the cereals make them easier to digest.


Crude protein 10%, phosphorus 0.35%, crude fat 5%, calcium 0.08%, crude cellulose 6%, crude ash 2.5%, liquid 11%
Designed to
giving horses a tasty meal after intensive work or when convalescing.
2 years


Care instructions
Best before: / Batch n°: See details on packaging Use quickly after opening.
Storage Tips
Close properly after use. Store in a cool and dry place.
Does not constitute a staple food.

Additional information

1.5 kg
Give a maximum of 2 times a week instead of the normal meal. Replaces a meal with a mash, the portions indicated are an indication only for an active horse. Mix the mash with warm water (1/2L of water for 1L of mash). Leave to soak for 15 minutes then mix. Wait for the mash to cool. Give to the horse when it is lukewarm and make sure it always has some clean water and a salt block.
Recommendations for use
If you are giving the mash for the first time: reduce the portion to give the horse's digestive system time to get used to this new food. It is important to adjust the portion according to your horse's needs.

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