Why clip your horse?

Why clip your horse?

At the end of the summer, the days get shorter and your horse will gradually begin to grow their thicker, winter coat, to help them to bear and combat the cold.

A horse's thick coat takes a long time to dry after a work session, meaning they are sure to feel the cold afterwards. That's why horses that are worked regularly are clipped. To compensate for the heat lost due to clipping, it is advisable to constantly cover your horse with a blanket suited to their lifestyle. It will replace the coat removed by clipping and protect them from the cold.

Clipping involves shaving the hair of the horse's coat. This allows them to dry off faster after work. It is very important for the health and hygiene of horses that are worked regularly.

Bear in mind that during this transition period where horses grow or lose their coat, they draw more heavily on their resources and this requires more energy.

The clipping period is usually between October and November, depending on the region and living conditions. You can put off clipping your horse for a few weeks, providing you use a sheet when the mornings turn cooler. For some horses, clipping several times during the year should be considered to always help them dry off better.