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Benjamin Aillaud offers some tips on how to make your horse as comfortable as possible in winter to help her do her best. Whether grooming or working your horse, there are plenty of small things you can do to keep her warm and improve her well-being.

Tout cavalier ou toute personne qui manipule des chevaux a, au moins une fois dans sa vie, passé de longues minutes voire des heures entières à l'arrière de son van ou de son camion, à attendre désespérément que son cheval daigne bien vouloir embarquer.

Shoulder-in is a basic work exercise done on two tracks. It can be done at three different paces. It's an excellent exercise for helping the horse become more supple by engaging the hind legs in a relaxed way.

Whether on foot or riding, there are times that you need your horse to stand completely still, not least for safety reasons. However, halting a horse is something that many riders find difficult, either because the horse is still young or too experienced.