Insect protection for your horse

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Insect protection for your horse

Insects can be a major source of discomfort for your horse.
Fouganza has a variety of options to help you protect your horse from these pesky little bugs.


Insect repellents can be used to keep bugs such as flies, gnats, horse-flies and mosquitoes away from your horse while insecticides work by killing the bugs. Insect repellents are applied directly to your horse, whereas insecticides (which are somewhat toxic) are applied around the horse's living environment. Because of their toxicity, you should contact a veterinarian for instructions on how to use insecticides before applying them.


Horse-specific products

Several products have been developed specifically to help protect your horse from insects:

- Insect repellents come in various formats such as sprays, roll-ons or gels. They are often formulated using citronella. Roll-ons are great for using on your horse's head to apply the product to sensitive areas. You can also use a sponge if your horse is afraid of sprays

- To prevent gnats from bothering your horse's ears, some riders use an ear net when working.

- A fly mask is very effective at protecting your horse's ears and eyes. It is fitted using riptabs and does not require the use of a halter. It is mostly used for turned out horses or those kept in a paddock.

- Fly veils are attached to a bridle or halter to protect horses whether turned out or when being ridden. However, some models are designed for turned out horses that do not require the use of a halter.

- For horses that are very sensitive to insects and bites, the best solution is to use a sheet with a neck cover in ventilated fabric such as honeycomb or mesh. This will help protect the horse's entire body, which is especially useful if your horse suffers from summer dermatitis.



- You can feed your horse garlic supplements (in powder or flake form). After being absorbed, it creates a repulsive odour when your horse sweats that helps to repel insects. Garlic is also known to boost blood circulation.

- If you are going hacking, remember to take along roll-on insect repellent. It is easily slipped into a pocket and you can reapply it as needed.

- When using a fly mask for the first time, take the time to let your horse get used to it as it might bother him at first.

- The effectiveness of insect repellents can be lessened as your horse sweats. For optimum protection, be sure to reapply.

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