How to choose your horse's protections

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Boots and fetlock boots

Your horse's limbs are without doubt the area most exposed to knocks and injuries (exterior damage).

Be it through lack of composure, or sudden movements when frightened or approaching jumps, all horses risk being harmed at some point.

There are almost no circumstances where a horse can go without protection.

Boots are designed to protect your horse from knocks and injuries, and sometimes support the tendons.


There are two types of boots:

  • Brushing boots protect the tendon, the cannon, and the fetlock, and can be used on the front and rear limbs.
  • Tendon boots, as the name suggests, protect the tendons. They are particularly used for show jumping. There are also corresponding fetlock boots to match, for the hind legs.

There are three sizes:
PS: Pony
CS: Cob - large pony, small horse
FS: Full - horse



Overreach or bell boots

They protect the coronet and the heels. They are particularly recommended for jumping, but also for transport or for lunging.



Polo wraps

These are used to protect the limbs of the horse at work, especially if your horse has sensitive skin. They are very easy to put on, and close with a velcro strap. They are used without flannel. Polo wraps provide excellent tendon support, especially for flat work.

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