How to choose your helmet

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How to choose your helmet

The best advice on how to choose the right riding helmet is to try it on before buying it!

There are 2 types of helmets: adjustable helmets (with a wheel) and one-size helmets.
- The sizes of adjustable helmets are written in the form S, M, L (S= 48 to 52 cm, M= 52 to 56 cm and L= 56 to 60 cm) and correspond to the minimum and maximum circumferences of the head.
- The sizes of "sized" helmets are written in cm (57 = 57 cm)

To find out your size, you just need to measure around your head: using a flexible measuring tape, measure around your head at the widest part of your forehead.

To check whether a helmet fits you when you are trying it on:
1) The helmet should be a snug fit on the head and there should not be any spaces or movement between the two.
2) It should be straight and cover the top of the forehead (a few centimetres above the eyebrows)
3) The strap must not be too tight (you must be able to turn your head without discomfort) or too loose (the strap must not be able to go up over the chin).
==> To be sure that the helmet fits properly, turn your head from left to right and then from top to bottom: Neither the helmet nor the strap should move or bother you.

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