How to choose your headstall

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Why is it important?

If it is too small, the headstall may hurt the sensitive parts of the horse's head: base of the ears (1), cheekbones (2), corners of the mouth (3). (see illustration opposite)

If it is too big, the bridle may slip off in the event of a fall and the horse would be loose. The bit may move around in the horse's mouth and cause injury.


How to determine the size of a bridle

Step 1: Measure on the horse or pony, the distance from the two corners of the mouth, by going over the neck. (see illustration below)

Step 2: choose from the size table. When the distance measured matches two sizes, choose the bigger size so that the cheek strap buckles are higher up on the horse's head, at about brow bone height.

Measurement between the corners of the mouth > Bridlery size

85 to 95 cm > Shetland (SHT)

90 to 105 cm > Pony (PS)

95 to 115 cm > Cob (CS)

100 to 125 cm > Horse - full size (FS)

Example: Length measured = 94 cm. Choose the size "Pony".

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