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What is horseball?

Horseball is an equestrian team sport adapted from the Argentinian game of Pato, that is played with a ball with six leather handles.

The aim is to score goals in the opponents' half of the field (with the nets at a height of 3.50 m at either end of the field), by passing, attacking and defending, without dismounting.

Horseball can be played on horseback, on ponies or on Shetland ponies.


Format of a horseball match

Horseball is generally played on a large sand pitch defined by inflatable tubes. Behind these tubes are the trainers, substitutes and the technical team. In some respects, they mark out the sideline.

Horseball involves 2 teams of 6 players: 4 riders on the pitch and 2 substitutes. A game is played over two 10-minute periods, separated by a half-time period of 3 minutes. In the event of a draw, the match can go into extra time. Substitutions take place during stoppage time and are unlimited.

The aim is of course to score as many goals as possible. With an emphasis on team play, each team must make at least three passes (with 3 different players) before scoring a goal. A player may not hold the ball for longer than 10 seconds before passing. The player must be on horseback when picking up the ball.


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