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mon cheval a t'il besoin d'un couvre reins ?

Imagine if you were lounging around under your duvet and suddenly your coach made you run around in the snow wearing just a T-shirt! Not particularly appealing, is it? It's the same for your horse. Tornado doesn't want to be running around outside naked in winter: he'll be freezing. He needs an exercise rug!

Vous n’avez pas la chance de disposer d’un manège couvert pour la saison froide ? Pas de panique. Sachez que même certains grands cavaliers s’en passent pour entraîner leurs champions toute l’année. Le tout c’est de bien s’équiper pour ne pas que la pluie écourte vos séances d’équitation.


Whether you're heading off on holidays or going to an event with your horse, any travel should be carefully planned to keep your horse safe and comfortable. 

What is it ?

Consisting of all the "cleaning" activities of the horse, grooming provides:

The headstall

The headstall goes over your horse's head. A bit (mouthpiece) is attached to it which goes in the horse's mouth. It is made out of leather or synthetic straps. There are various sizes:

The girth strap

This holds the saddle on the horse's back.

It must:
- be tailored to the chest measurement of the horse,
- allow easy girthing,
- prevent the saddle from turning,
- not hurt,
- be of the highest quality