Hats or helmets

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Hats or helmets

There are 2 types of helmets/hats:

1) Adjustable helmets:

- Their design is similar to that of bicycle or rollerskate helmets (please note: the standards are not the same!)

- They have an adjustment wheel that lets you adjust the head size.

- The different sizes generally cover head sizes 48 to 52 cm (S), 52 to 56 cm (M), 56 to 60 cm (L)

- They are most often used by beginners for recreational and outdoor horse riding (hacking, trail riding, endurance, driving, etc.)


Avantages :

- Children can keep the same helmet for several years

- Clubs who lend out helmets do not need to keep as many

- The inside is often removable and machine washable

- They are generally very lightweight and very well ventilated



- They are not all completely stable.


2) Sized helmets:
Like the riding hats they are descended from, their size is in centimetres and corresponds to the head size of the user.

- They may have a traditional look (with a fabric cover) or be very modern (combination of different materials such as fabric, leather, metallic plastic, etc.)

- They are mostly used for classical dressage or competitions.


- When the helmet is the right size, it is very comfortable and very stable on the head.

- They protect the nape of the neck well.

Inconvénients :

- Children need to change helmets when they are growing, usually up until the age of 11 or 12.

- These helmets are not always very well ventilated

- The inside is not always removable or easy to clean

- They sometimes have a round or oval shape that is not suitable for all head shapes


- To limit dirt and scratches it is advisable to store and carry it in a bag designed for this purpose.

- Regularly clean the inside which comes into contact with sweat

- Do not expose the helmet to a heat source (such as the parcel shelf of the car in full sun!). This can impair the polystyrene and reduce its protective performance.

- A helmet that has sustained a severe impact must be systematically replaced. The polystyrene may have cracks that are invisible from the outside that can reduce or cancel out your protection.

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