Comment équiper son cheval pour un transport


Whether you're heading off on holidays or going to an event with your horse, any travel should be carefully planned to keep your horse safe and comfortable. 

If your horse baulks at getting in the van or trailer, be sure to watch our video for some tips. Read on to see our pointers on how to make sure your next trip goes smoothly. 




Whether you're travelling just a short distance or making a long-haul trip, you should always ensure your horse is adequately protected. Their limbs need to be wrapped to prevent injuries in the event of an impact. There are two types of protections. 

If your horse will wear them, high travel boots are the best way to keep their limbs and joints (especially the hock) safe.


But some horses may not like wearing these, so there are several lower models that may be a better fit for your horse. You can also use standing bandages with cotton or flannel pads, or stable boots. Be sure to use overreach boots to protect the fetlocks.


In addition to protecting their limbs, you can also use a tail flap to prevent rubbing. If your horse is very tall or tends to stand up, you may want to use a neck cover. 

On long trips, opt for a padded or sheepskin-lined halter for comfort. Leadropes should feature a safety snap hook. If you have any doubts, make a loop in twine between the leadrope and halter. 




To keep your horse as comfortable as possible, remember to give your horse some hay. This will help keep him busy and hydrated. Be sure to attach the hay bale above the horse and secure it well so it doesn't fall. 

If you'll be travelling long distances, be sure to take breaks at least every four hours to give your horse water. If it's hot out, take more frequent breaks. If your horse sweats a lot during the trip, you can also supplement with electrolytes in some water at your destination or during the trip. 

When you arrive, walk your horse for a few minutes to stretch out his legs and prevent muscle stiffness. 


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