The Fouganza promise

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The Fouganza promise

1) Quality guarantee

Whatever the style, protection must comply with current standards in the country of use.

For riding helmets in Europe, this is the CE EN1384 standard. It is the one and only standard for equestrian protection, regardless of the riding discipline practised. It is issued by independent accredited laboratories.

This standard is unique to horse riding and is one of the most stringent helmet standards of any sport. It is different from the skiing, cycling and mountaineering standards… That is why using a bike helmet, for example, is not recommended for horse riding.

The CE EN 1384 standard is used to verify and validate several features of the helmets.

Impact resistance ensures that the polystyrene effectively absorbs the shock wave that could cause trauma to the skull and especially the brain.

The puncture test checks that the helmet is strong enough to resist anything that could pierce it in the event of a fall (stands, rocks, etc.).

The standard also requires the effectiveness of the retention system (harness, buckles, etc.) to be checked to ensure that the helmet stays in place once adjusted.

A final test concerns the proper flexibility of the visor in order to check that it deforms in the event of frontal impact.

With regard to body protectors, the EN 13158:2009 standard applies. They must also be approved by an accredited laboratory.

This standard sets three main criteria: shock absorption by the foam the body protector is made of, the fit of the vest and the markings(markings must be on the labels).

=> All Fouganza helmets and body protectors comply with these standards and are regularly checked during production to ensure that no defects appear.

Lab tests

2) Lab tests

The Oxylane group has an internal approved laboratory which allows for more extensive tests to be conducted compared the demands of the European standard.

OUTCHOC component brand teams are specialists in the designing of helmets and body protectors.

They are also involved in European standard development committees to ensure that the standard is well suited to the usage of the sport concerned.

All helmet and body protector developments are managed by a competent and rigorous team.

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