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Neck cover

A neck cover is essential to a horse's well-being.

It is an essential accessory to ensure optimal thermal comfort and total protection against the elements.


Neck covers are becoming increasingly commonplace. English-speaking countries are well-known for their high standards of horse care, and have been using neck covers for years.


All clipping styles involve clipping round the horse's neck. Yet there are major blood vessels around the horse's neck. And it is here that the heat exchanges take place (this is where the horse sweats from first).


Using only a blanket but no neck cover on a clipped horse is like leaving the heating on at home but leaving the windows open!


Horses spend most of their time with their heads down. Water and draughts can therefore easily get through at the neck.
No blanket can really be effective without protecting the neck. A neck cover protects the horse's neck for improved thermal insulation in cold weather, preventing major heat loss from the neck.

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