Clipping your horse

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Clipping your horse

Before you start, be sure to check that your clippers are working properly and oil them if necessary. Your clipper blades should be sharpened for a perfect cut. Fully grooming your horse before you start will make it easier.

Out of respect for your horse and for safety reasons, make sure that clipping does not take more than two hours as the blades tend to heat up with use.

If your horse is not used to the clippers, you can leave them running close to them for a while to let your horse become accustomed to the noise. Approach your horse gradually while reassuring them and run the clippers along the length of their neck. If they respond well, you can carefully begin to clip.


To gently get the horse used to it, you can start with a less sensitive part of the body such as the neck or shoulder. Always make sure to clip against the direction of hair growth, holding the clippers parallel to the skin. For a more uniform clip, use long, overlapping strokes. For horses with very thick hair, you can go over the same area twice: once with the blades on a wider setting to remove the long hairs and a second time with finer blades to finish off the clip. Take care as skin can easily get pinched and your horse may react. If you decide to clip your horse's head, you must be very careful as some horses do not like it and are sensitive to the noise of the motor near their ears. Do not hesitate to seek advice from a more experienced person.

Once you have finished clipping, take the time to fully groom your horse to remove dust and cut hairs. You can then put a blanket over a thoroughly clean horse.

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