Choosing the right product to look after feet

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Choosing the right product to look after feet

It is sometimes difficult to find what you are looking for amongst the multitude of foot care products. To make things easier, each type of product corresponds to a type of foot:


Ointments containing bay leaves or linseed will help to soften and moisturise the hoof walls.



Ointments containing tar will dry out the walls of the foot and pine tar will prevent deterioration in the condition of the frog and the sole.

In winter, some ointments harden and it becomes very difficult to apply them. In this case, you can use oils which penetrate more easily and moisturise the foot.


When and how often to apply the products

- Grease and Oil : there are no rules! Every day, once a week... it depends on the condition of your horse's feet and where they live (pasture or box stall). However, it is best not to grease before the farrier is due as it may disrupt his work.

- Pine tar: Important, tar is only to be applied on the underside of the foot, and especially not on the outer walls or on the coronary band (where the hoof wall meets the skin), which would prevent the walls from growing. This is not a foot grease, it's a specific product and must not be used too often. It dries out the hoof wall and is therefore recommended for use in winter or in the event of a soft or foul-smelling frog.

If your horse has major foot problems, do not hesitate to contact your farrier or veterinarian.

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