The 6 advantages of horse riding in winter compared to summer

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With all the rain over the last few months, we can't wait for spring to arrive. To avoid sinking into depression with the winter blues as we wait for the nice weather to return, here are a few things that should remind you that winter isn't really as unpleasant as we think it is. 

advantages of horse riding in winter compared to summer

1. No insects.

One advantage of the cold weather is that we can finally bid farewell to all the flying insects that buzz around us in the warmer months. It also avoids you spending your time smelling of citronella to keep the bugs away. 

2. The famous rider's tan.

Inevitable when horse riding in summer, these tan lines look particularly fabulous (not!) when you wear a dress or swimsuit!

3. Sweating buckets in your riding clothes

Whilst they might be light, jodhpurs are quite tight-fitting, and so it's quite difficult to avoid sweating profusely on your rides, whilst everyone else around you is strolling around in shorts... 

4. Dust

In winter, the humidity at least has the advantage of preventing dust. In summer on the other hand, the dust readily sticks to our sweaty skin. We all know what colour the water will be when we take a shower in the evening...

5. The wonderful hat hair when you remove your riding hat, 

because in winter, we're not really as concerned about how our hair looks after a ride. In summer however, we're a bit warm inside our hats, so warm in fact that our hair takes on a ridiculously humiliating look. 

6. The longer days have their disadvantages 

Because getting up at sunrise at 5 a.m. in the morning gives you a chance to get up early and ride while it's still fresh. On the other hand, you don't have the same feeling of alarm and surprise that you get as you are violently awoken from your sleep by your alarm to get up at a ridiculously early hour. 


The main thing to remember is this: stay positive! 

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