• Horse Riding Pine Tar 500ml - Black
  • Horse Riding Pine Tar 500ml - Black
  • Horse Riding Pine Tar 500ml - Black

- 500ml Horse Riding Pine Tar - Black

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Key feature
Perfect for winter, it forms a barrier against dampness.


  • Horse Riding Pine Tar 1L - Black
  • Horse Riding Pine Tar 500ml - Black

Products benefits

Forms a barrier against dampness to keep frogs healthy.
Ease of use
Apply with a brush to the bottom of the hoof only (sole and frog)


100% pine tar
Designed to
protecting the sole and smelly frogs from damp.
2 years


Storage Tips
Close container lid properly after use. Store the product upright at room temperature.
Do not use above hoof.

Additional information

Instructions for use:
Clean hooves with a hoof pick. Brush the sole and the frog. Wait for them to be completely dry before applying the tar using a brush.
Rider tip:
Tar smells very strong and stains. We recommend that riders use gloves to apply this product. For storage, we recommend insulating this product from the rest of your equipment.
Did you know? The consistency of the tar is very variable depending on its temperature.
The warmer it is, the more it becomes liquid and easy to apply. To limit the risk of leaks, we recommend storing the product upright and screwing the lid on tightly after each use. On the other hand, the colder it is, the more the tar becomes pasty and difficult to apply. For optimal use in winter, we advise storing it away from cold and freezing temperatures. An ideal winter solution is the spray tar, which is very easy to apply.

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