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              THE HORSE AT WORK
              Faire une bonne détente à cheval

              The aim of the warm-up is to physically prepare your horse for the session you are about to do. This phase is incredibly important, particularly if your horse lives in a stable, and shouldn't be neglected. It gets both horse and rider in peak condition.

              NEW TO HORSE RIDING
              les bienfaits de l'équitation

              It probably comes as no surprise that horse riding is good for your health! Besides getting you outside, it has some very real benefits for your body. Learn why this sport is so good for you. 

              THE HORSE AT WORK
              trotting mode d'emploi

              Warm weather is finally here (or will soon be) and we're sure you're raring to get outside again. We've got a complete programme to help you build up your horse's stamina and endurance slowly but surely. It's perfect as you gear up for upcoming shows.

              THE HORSE AT WORK
              distances barres au sol

              Laying out a set of bars on the ground is a great exercise for working on the rhythm, regularity and length of strides.

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