• Fougatreats Horse Riding Treats 3kg - Carrot

Fougatreats Horse Riding Treats 3kg - Carrot

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Key feature
Easy to digest, no artificial flavourings/colours.
£2.00 / Kg


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Products benefits

Crunchy treats made of corn, barley and crystallised sugar.
Ease of use
To be given by hand or in a feeding trough
Easy digestion
Easy-to-digest, cereal-based pellets


3 kg
No colouring added. Ground corn grains. Thin corn flakes. Thin barley flakes. Sugar. Flavour. Cereal grain taste: no flavouring
Designed to
rewarding your horse.


Care instructions
Best before: / Batch n°: see details on packaging Use quickly after opening.
Storage Tips
Store in a cool, dry place.

Additional information

Caution before use
Dietary supplement for rewarding the horse. Does not replace its normal meal.
Fougatreats cereal ingredients
cornmeal (60%), corn flakes (22%), barley flakes (13%), sugar (5%)
Distribution of ratings
  • Horse treats
    6 Apr 2016
    Guaranteed to get our horse Lucy in from the field -

    Great product with a great smell !! Can guarantee our horse, Lucy, will come in from the field as soon as she smells the treats.

  • Fouganza red beery treats
    23 Mar 2016
    They smell great. My horses love them. Larger treats need to be manually split up.

    They smell like refreshers and obviously taste good too since my horses mug me for them every time they smell them on me.
    I have let other people at my yard try them on their horses and have been asked to buy more treats for an additional 2 friends when I next put in an order.
    They are great value for money - I couldn't believe how cheap they were compared to other products.
    A definite winner as far as me and my horses are concerned!!

  • Fougatreats banana
    24 Feb 2016
    They smell lovely...and my ponies love them None

    These are another favourite of my shetlands , they look forward to their boredom ball with a handful of fougatreats inside.
    They live on hay and grass , no hard feed, so they really enjoy getting the treats out of the ball, and they mean business banging the ball around their stables.