• Fougalin Horse Riding Feed Supplement - 1.5 kg

Fougalin Horse Riding Feed Supplement - 1.5 kg

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Key feature
Mix in with the daily feed ration. Easy to digest.
£3.33 / Kg

Products benefits

Tactile efficiency
Makes it easy to digest and makes the horse's coat shine.
Energy values
Contains Omega-3 oils.
Plant based product is naturally appetising for horses.
Ease of use
Mixes readily with the daily ration.


1,5 kg
100% crushed and roasted flax seed.
Designed to
improving digestion and supplementing nutrients horses need for a shiny coat and strong hoofs.


Care instructions
Best before: / Batch n°: See details on packaging Use quickly after opening.
Storage Tips
Close properly after use. store in a cool dry place.

Additional information

1,5 kg
Use instructions
Best before: / Batch n°: See details on the packaging
Distribution of ratings
  • great for poor doers
    4 Dec 2015
    Great if your horse is hard to maintain weight -

    Fab for horses who are poor doers. without having to resort in giving huge buckets of hard feed which could risk colic. Feed half a mug full for a pony and full mug full for a horse per day. Added benefits give a super shine on the coat good strong hooves and even the pickiest of eaters will love it. This size is a good to try it size but more beneficial to buy the 20kg sack

  • Excellent product
    1 Jun 2015
    Gives a fantastic shine to the coat none

    I bought a horse in quiet a poor condition. I started to give him 2 good feeds each day but his coat stayed dull and rough to the touch. I started to feed him Fougalin flaxseed and within a few weeks he developed a shiny soft silky coat. It has totally transformed his appearance. I would recommend this product if your horse has a dull course coat.

  • flaxseed/linseed
    14 Apr 2014
    I've used this for 12 months and her coat is fab I'd like bigger bags cos i travel miles to buy it

    Try it it works. My mares coat is so shiny now, she looks amazing.