• 500ml spray oil for horse riding leathers

500ml spray oil for horse riding leathers

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Key feature
Ideal for dry, cracked or new leather. A combination of 3 oils (neatsfoot oil and hydrophane oil) to quickly penetrate and deeply moisturise the leather.
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  • Horse Riding Leather Oil 150ml
  • 500ml spray oil for horse riding leathers
  • Horse Riding Leather Oil 500ml

Products benefits

A combination of 3 nourishing oils (neatsfoot, neatsfoot and hydrophane)
Ease of use
Easy to apply oil with a piece of cloth. Available as spray or with applicator.


Sunflower Oil, Hydrophane Oil, Neatsfoot Oil, Fragrance, Colouring
Designed to
moisturising and softening old or new leathers.
2 years


Care instructions
Clean leathers with glycerine soap then leave them to dry. Apply with a brush until the leather is saturated. Frequency of use: new and old leathers; every 2 days for a week until the desired level of suppleness is attained. Normal maintenance: Once every 2 months at the most.
Storage Tips
store in a cool, dark place.
Do not use on leather which is already soft or on saddle seats.

Additional information

Why care for your leathers?
A suitable product for new leather and appropriate leather maintenance is essential to ensuring both the comfort of the horse and the safety of the rider. A well-maintained saddle and bridle will last much longer and provide better working conditions. You'll find it easier to maintain your leather if you do it regularly, either daily, weekly or monthly, depending on weather conditions and how often you use it.
Advice for restoring your leather:
Recommended once a month to keep your leather at its best. Prior to first use: STAGE 1, clean your leather using glycerine soap and a sponge. Leave to dry. STAGE 2, Essential for new, dry or cracked leather; Not recommended for leather that is already soft. Apply the oil using a cloth, paying particular attention to the underside of the leather. Allow it to soak in. STAGE 3: for all types of leather: Apply the grease using the cloth, leave to soak in then polish for a shiny finish.